Digital Cosmonaut

What is Citties

Most guidebooks and travel apps only allow users to experience cities from a single perspective. We are the first travel app in the world that allows users to explore a city from a variety of perspectives and experiences provided by our unique personas and communities of local bloggers.  


Who is funding the project?

The technical development of the Citties application is financed by Medienboard Berlin Branden- burg for “Innovative Audiovisual Media”. 


What´s the appeal to users?

We gather together some of the most interesting blogs (both popular and niche) in each city. Instead of users spending valuable time trying to find the best online resources for city exploration, they can simply use one platform - Citties.


What tools do users get?

Aside from our nicely-designed and responsive interface, users can leave feedback and comments on places, create their own maps and itineraries, and share them with their friends and through their social media networks.

What do i need to do as a Citties blogger?

Send us (or authorize our choices) your posts, complete with any associated texts, videos and images to use as an introduction to your blog on our third party app and/or on our website. 



Who is behind the project?

Our small team in Berlin consists of: Co-Founders Phillip Brandts (Business Development), Paul Sullivan (Editor), Maia (graphic design), Zen C. Melzer (Software Development) and Sven Schimmelpfennig (Project Management).